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Friday, January 11, 2013

Shark Week

OKK ladiess!! its period talk time!! okk c'mon no one likes to talk about this gross few days every month. but its part of our lives! I for one was one to just shun it away forever and just pretend nothing was going on. but after watching Angelinas video, i thought HEY WTH I AM A WOMAN AND I HAVE A VAGINA AND IT BLEEDS and guess what sucker, I DONT DIE! I mean can we stop and think about that for a second. We bleed quite alot and we're so badass we still live. I mean it's gross yes trust me eww i'm getting nasty thinking about it, but its inevitable so why not take it the best we can and own it. I used to... ok i lied i still hate buying tampons. I just dont like people knowing that my vagina is leaking. but it's like Ang said WHY!? I mean what makes me so nasty!?

Of course its not like ima walk into my group of friends and be like HEY MY VAGINA IS BLEEDING that is so need to know. but if someone knows i'm on it what does it matter. I used to lie about it cuz its like eww i dont wanna picture bloody undies and i thought people would picture that with me. or they will be like ooh dont piss her off. as if having blood gush out of you is something that you have to be happy about. i usually dont get moody but i have friends *cough*bestfriend*cough* who do tend to be obvious with attitude when theyre menstruating. (i still love you boo) but why shouldn't she!? having the feeling that a 7 inch knife is inside your back slowly turning is reason enough to not want people around. let alone have people have their own attitudes. Its not an excuse to me rude or mistreat people, although some ladies to take advantage of that, but c'mon give us a break because our uterus isnt!

idk angelinas video just go tme thinking about so many things. even how girls view each other while bleeding its like c'mon dude we go through the same shiz cut me some slack! just last week i was in a public restroom and i started my period and i was hesitant to complain about it outloud to my friendbecause i saw someone else in the stall next to me. it bothered me that i still felt ashamed of a natural process but it gets easier and easier when i think about it.  me and my close girl friends always talk about our periods lol. i just cant wait till i dont feel like i have to hide it from everyone else!

DIY: Kawaii Tampon/Pad Case

Okk so even though we are sexy women and we dont give a rats ass about what others think about us while bleeding through our vagina, we still hve to stay organized with our supplies! I always just stuck my tampons in a plastic bag or a makeup bag to keep them handy but i was like HEY i need something extra cute! so here goes a little diy to carry your tampons/pads.

* Sunglasses case- any case will work but sunglasses one are usually bigger
* nail polish
* glitter
* anything cute you want to add (bows, sweets, etc)
* super glue
* tampons/pads

Step 1: With the nailpolish write whatever you like on the case
Step 2: Sprinkle with glitter before it dries and then let dry
Step 3: Glue your cutesy cabochons!! I just so happen to have some that go well with my case!
Step 4: Let dry!
Step 5: Put tampons/pads inside

You're Done! Now if people see your case they might ask questions, and its a perfectly good time to tell them you're gonna go change your tampon/pad because you are a woman and you menstruate and there is nothing wrong with that.

ps: please show me your cases if you make them!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Obligatory new years post!

Its a new calander year everybody!! So honestly i didnt think 2012 was going to end for the world. not like i believed in the whole dec 21 event or anything i just felt 2013 soo soo sooooo far away that i didnt even think of it. Now its here! like what?! It went by both super super fast and yet felt like forever! I havent written on the blog for a while so ima start with summing up some fun times I had!!

Started my penpalship with Julie!!

Went to Acapulco with my cousins!! It was so pretty and I suprisingly enjoyed it!

Went to my first burlesque show with my friends

Flew alll the way to San Fran too see Marina with my bestfriend and also got to meet my lovelies July, Kiki, and Kelly in person!!

I turned 21 and got a balloon surprise from my best friend

New babies in the family. Now I have a total of 7 dogs. YAYY

My best friend got engaged!! And i get to be the maid of honor! So exciteddd.

Saw my Goddess again! UGHHH BEAUTIFUL!

It was a better year than i thought it would be i wouldnt have it any other way. I dont make new years resolutions because i have already started changes i wanted to be made. I just hope i stick to them.
Happy new years you all!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bloggers Blockkk

So i havent gotten around to blogging because I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT D:
 okk not i really dont know what to blog about just that i dont know how to get it on to my fingers to stroke the keys... i am so complicated obvs.
 I havent been feeling myself lately and i dont like it at all. I miss (dare i say) the summer. I had lots of fun and idk now its going a bit downhill but i guess thats just the change of seasons. And although I did do alot of fun things with friends and stuff. IE San fransisco with the primadonnas. I didnt go visit my family for the first time in the summer and it just feels sooo weird. I go every summer atleast for a couple of weeks and that break in the routine is really taking its toll on me. Its a different experience over there not having to worry about having plans for the day because well plans just happen to form when you have a huge family. You wake up with nothing in mind and the next thing you know you're packing for a field trip. But it was also my first summer with a full time job and it makes me realize that I'm actually growing up and having responsibilities will obvs stop me from doing everything I want, and tbh i dont even have "real" responsibilities like rent, a car payment, or having to buy food and stuff. Its a little overwhelming now that i think of it. nonetheless, its just no fun.
I hope i get into my regular mood soon because there is so many things coming up in the next 6 months that im excited about. Helping to plan a wedding EEEEKK, a bunch of shows from my favorite artists, and trip planning. So i guess things will get back on track. This kind of became a rambling post and i dont feel like going back and editing cuz its good to just be honest sometimes. yikes that seems scary.
 I hope everyones been having a great october and a good safe ween parties.

Here is a playlist that started as a period mix for soothing those uterus dying days but idk what it ended up as. I was listening to it while writing this post soo who knows. lol its all over the placee really. xoxo