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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bloggers Blockkk

So i havent gotten around to blogging because I DONT KNOW WHAT TO BLOG ABOUT D:
 okk not i really dont know what to blog about just that i dont know how to get it on to my fingers to stroke the keys... i am so complicated obvs.
 I havent been feeling myself lately and i dont like it at all. I miss (dare i say) the summer. I had lots of fun and idk now its going a bit downhill but i guess thats just the change of seasons. And although I did do alot of fun things with friends and stuff. IE San fransisco with the primadonnas. I didnt go visit my family for the first time in the summer and it just feels sooo weird. I go every summer atleast for a couple of weeks and that break in the routine is really taking its toll on me. Its a different experience over there not having to worry about having plans for the day because well plans just happen to form when you have a huge family. You wake up with nothing in mind and the next thing you know you're packing for a field trip. But it was also my first summer with a full time job and it makes me realize that I'm actually growing up and having responsibilities will obvs stop me from doing everything I want, and tbh i dont even have "real" responsibilities like rent, a car payment, or having to buy food and stuff. Its a little overwhelming now that i think of it. nonetheless, its just no fun.
I hope i get into my regular mood soon because there is so many things coming up in the next 6 months that im excited about. Helping to plan a wedding EEEEKK, a bunch of shows from my favorite artists, and trip planning. So i guess things will get back on track. This kind of became a rambling post and i dont feel like going back and editing cuz its good to just be honest sometimes. yikes that seems scary.
 I hope everyones been having a great october and a good safe ween parties.

Here is a playlist that started as a period mix for soothing those uterus dying days but idk what it ended up as. I was listening to it while writing this post soo who knows. lol its all over the placee really. xoxo


  1. Aww Emily don't worry, be happy! :) I can kind of understand where your comming from though, I've been feeing kind of overwhelned and really tired/bummy from school. I mean, it's all very new to me so it's a bit overwhelming with all the work and other responsibilities even though, like you, I don't even have "real" responsibilities yet. So your not alone, you'll see, we'll be okay :)

    1. awww nicole i read this while at work an it made my dayy <3 thank you we are tough cookies!

    2. No problem, it was my pleasure! I couldn't leave you all down in dumps! I had to at least try :)


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